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MONQ is portable, and is designed to be the most direct form of aromatherapy. Save 15% with Promo Code Freedom15. MONQ uses 100% naturally extracted and organic essential oils, harvested from eco-friendly farms across the world.

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What is MONQ Therapeutic Air

MONQ Therapeutic Air® Portable Aromatherapy Diffuses turn our custom blends of essential oils and vegetable glycerin into water vapor and aromatherapy, so while the term “vaporizer” is technically accurate, it can be slightly misleading.

MONQ essential oils are made from all organic and natural ingredients, which are placed into high quality stainless steel devices which are produced conforming with the highest safety standards. MonQ Coupon Code


How Does MONQ Work?

MONQ is a modern aromatherapy delivery device in which breathing in creates a gentle suction. This suction activates a small battery which heats up the aromatherapy liquid which is absorbed onto an organic cotton wick. As the aromatherapy liquid heats up, it turns into a mist consisting of water vapor and carbon dioxide, along with the aromatic compounds released by the heating of the essential oils.

For the most effective experience, use gentle breaths:

1.Remove the MONQ Personal Diffuser from its white protective case.

2.Press your lips to the end opposite of the jewel.

3.Breathe in through your mouth without inhaling into your lungs, similar to sipping on a straw.

4.Exhale through your nose  

Each MONQ lasts a user 200-250 breaths when used in this fashion, but everyone breathes differently. 2 to 3 gentle breaths, 2 to 3 times a day should last a user 3 to 4 weeks.

MONQ is dedicated to making excellent aromatherapy experiences, and below we link to the most important features of the delivery device itself. No need to wonder about what’s in your hand.

Is MonQ Coupon Code for Everyone

People under 18 should not use MONQ. Neither should pregnant or nursing women. While not illegal for those under 18, MONQ does not want to encourage the familiar ‘hand to mouth’ habit in impressionable children.

What is in MONQ? What’s Not in MONQ?

For each of the MONQ blends, USA-grown organic plants, when available, are extracted and then infused into 100% pure, food-grade coconut-based vegetable glycerin, which the FDA recognizes as safe.

First of all, MONQ does not contain most ingredients commonly found in many of the devices labeled vaporizers, such as nicotine or artificial flavoring.

Is MONQ Safe

MonQ Coupon Code: MONQ is safe when used as directed. We encourage people to use MONQ 2-3 times per day, taking 2-3 gentle breaths with each use, and when we say Breaths, we are referring to bringing the mist into your mouth, holding it there a moment, and breathing out your nose.

Is MONQ Recyclable?

Yes. Print a free shipping label and send us your used diffusers. Currently limited to orders placed in 2017.

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