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Lyft Promo Code, Discount Code for existing usersLyft Promo Code & Discount Code

Lyft Promo Code & Discount Code: Wherever you’re headed, count on Lyft for rides in minutes. The Lyft app matches you with local drivers at the tap of a button. Just request and go. Download Lyft App Android / iTunes. Use Lyft to get an affordable ride in minutes. Instead of hailing a cab or waiting for the bus, just request a car with the tap of a button, and get picked up by a nearby friendly driver who’ll take you to your destination right away.

Lyft Promo Code & Discount Code, Free Ride

$10 Credit + First Ride Free

Promo Code: LYFTLERS


$10 Free Ride  for new Riders.

Promo Code : 7HQHC8RE4HUK7VAL

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$10 Off On First Free Ride

Promo : JYOTHSNA158929


Get $5 Off First Ride

Code : PAPER22


$3 Off First Ride

Discount Code : EYnotarealjob


$10 Off Your First Ride

Coupon : CHRIS25978

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$50 off for new users On First Ride

Discount Code: LYFTJUMP.   Download Lyft App Android / iTunes.


Get $50 Off On Ride With Lyft

Code: HUGE50


Get Free Ride of $50

Code Promo : NAB50

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lyft promo codes for existing users

$50 Off Ride for existing users

Promo Code : PIERRE118


$50 Off Ride for existing users

Promo Code: RYDER


How to use lyft promo code, lyft log 

Click here To Go
Download Lyft App Android / iTunes.

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Getting Started: After downloading Lyft and signing up, simply open the app and request a ride.
• Paying: Never worry about having cash for a cab or the bus again — with Lyft, you pay through your phone. It’s easy, fast, and secure.
• Split the Cost: Easily split the cost of a ride with friends through the app. No more IOU’s.

How Lyft Works

1. Request

You’ve got options. Request Lyft, Lyft Plus, Lyft Premier, or Lyft Line.

2. Ride

Get picked up by the best. Our reliable drivers will get you where you need to go.

3. Pay

When the ride ends, just pay and rate your driver through your phone.

Lyft Promo Code

Here Are Four Ways to Ride With Lyft

Lyft Line

Lyft Line is a shared ride. It matches you with others going the same way, so you can split the cost. Price is fixed upfront and always less than original Lyft. Available in select U.S. cities.

Say hello to Lyft Line, an affordable new way to ride. Share the ride with others going the same way, and pay up to 60% less. Lyft Line is the one line that goes everywhere, all for the cool price of your morning latte.Lyft Promo Code & Discount Code


Lyft is your personal ride. Whether you’re traveling solo or with up to three friends, this sedan is yours to fill. Available nationwide.

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Lyft Plus

Lyft Plus is a supersized ride with six seats for when you need more space or just want to roll with the entire squad. Available nationwide.

Lyft Premier

Lyft Premier is your high-end ride. From business trips to a night on the town, it’s the perfect way to add a little luxury and arrive in style. Available in select U.S. cities.

Need a lift? Try Lyft for a friendly, affordable ride whenever you need one. Request a ride with the tap of a button, and get picked up by a nearby community driver who’ll take you to your destination within minutes. Yep, it’s that easy.

• Split the cost of a ride with friends. It’s easy, fast, and secure.
• All Lyft drivers pass comprehensive background and DMV checks.
• Drivers are rated by passengers and only the highest-rated drivers are allowed on the road.
• Lyft provides a first-of-its-kind $1M liability insurance for total peace of mind.

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